Mens Volleyball Crown Services Report

The crown services volleyball tournament took place at RAF Halton. Several teams took part including: Police, Navy, Army, RAF, Fire, and Prison.

The men’s side of the competition was harder than previous years. The first game was Army vs Police. The game was far from being easy due to our high level of nervousness from the Army team. Consequently, their performance was greatly and negatively impacted which resulted in a score of 2-0 in favour of Police.

Nevertheless, their second opponent, Navy, were not as lucky as the first. Their defeat during the first match reactivated their spirit of competition which took over their anxiousness. Their performance was such that the Navy were no match and lost 0-2 to the Army. With the same energy and motivation, the Army won their game against Fire (2-0) and Prison (2-0).

The last game of the Army before the finals was against RAF and was a decisive match as the winner would play Police for the trophy. RAF had won 3 games and lost 1, to Police, just like the Army. The game was a typical semi-final with pressures from both teams. The Army suffered a terrible defeat on the first set (17-25), but came back roaring at their opponent on the second set with a strong win (25-22). Unfortunately, the Army slipped at the start of the third set and it costed the set (12-15).

The RAF went on to battle for the trophy against the Police but fell (1-3). The Army finished the competition 3rd, behind RAF, with Police as the Winner.